Friday, March 7, 2014

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Its become a challenge to find non GE (Genetically Engineered) and non GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods when grocery shopping.  Consumers are being forced to buy GE/GMO food because buying USDA organic or non GMO Project Verified cost a lot more and at least half of American families can not afford it.

Monsanto continues to try to monopolies the food industry to continue to produce chemical based food.  Monsanto and companies like Monsanto spend billions of dollars a year to protect their farming practices because the food industry is a multi-trillion dollar business.
  GMOs and fertilizers are added to the feed to help speed up the growth process in animals, fruits and vegetables to produce products faster and bigger to sell food cheaper.

I continue to learn about the destructive formulas practiced that tampers with the food consumers buy and eat everyday.  The more I learn the more action I take to help change the harmful actions that contributes to damaging long-term health in consumers.  Taking action now to eat USDA organic and non GMO Project Verified food feeds a body chemical free and not ingesting chemicals everyday several times a day does help and protect a persons overall health.  Stay healthier longer.

Back to learning more.  I took the time to list most of the Facebook Pages I follow to keep up to date with sustainable farming practices, eating and preparing organic food, GMO labeling laws soon to be put into place and the like.  Social media has aided in the growth of consumer awareness and companies like Monsanto are not happy about it because they now have to work harder and pay more to keep their dirty secrets of slowly poisoning the public with their detrimental farming procedures.

Liking Facebook Pages will help you stay on top of the news.  Instead of going out of your way to be informed when changes happen, new laws come into effect or when you can show your support by signing petitions Liking a Facebook Page posts updates to your Facebook Timeline.  Stay in the know the easy way.  I appreciate the constant updates.

It is easy to Like Facebook Pages to stay in the know. Become a part of the solution to help fix a problem that should had never been created. Take action and be heard. 

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